Welcome to Linda Goggin's Teacher resource and unit building wiki

The first link on the right: "Professional resource wiki for Plymouth North World Languages" is a resource center for the language teachers at my school. There are a number of resources for the language teacher who wants to create a more authentic learning experience in his/her classroom.

The main theme of this wiki is embedding culture in foreign language classroom.

The activities outlined on subsequent pages

are designed to offer students various ways

of reading, viewing and listening to authentic texts

and materials in the Spanish language, while learning about hispanic immigration and cultural diversity in the USA.

Each Activity page on the right contains a complete lesson plan that includes pre, during, and post activities. The activities are organized using the Top-Down approach. Which means that we will start with an authentic text and work through the nuts and bolts of the text so that we are seeing the language in it's intended form, rather than in meaningless, decontextualized manipulation of forms. Authors Shrum and Glisan point out in their Teacher's Handbook:

Once learners understand the meaning of the whole text, they will be better able to focus on and understand the contributuion of the parts of the text to the meaning of the whole 1​​​

On the "Favorite websites" page there are many links to sites

that I have used and recommend for either inspiration, new ideas,

effective grammar activities, and of course for providing a window

into the culture of the Spanish-speaking world.

Immigrant stories

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La Senda Del Abuelo
La Lengua del Rio