These are the steps outlining the P.A.C.E approach to grammar instruction.

1. Gramatica: Presentation of grammar concept. Complete the worksheet by putting all of the into one of the three columns.

2. Presentation of Vocabulary words. Using Blaine Ray's TPRS (Click here to view: (TPRS activities in detail) teaching method, you will be exposed to the vocabulary words numerous times. With the vocabulary words as the key focus, I will "ask" you to help me tell a story about a cucaracha from Peru that migrates to Argentina in search of his sueno: to play the accordian in a band. By "fishing for details in my story and "circling" the key phrases in question format, you will become familiar with the vocabulary words.

3. Now let's look at the vocabulary words and catagorize them. As you will see, most these verbs are in first person singular. But some of them have accents, some of them seem familiar, and others don't really look like anything we've seen before. Our goal is to learn a little about "irregular preterit verbs".

4. Let's first look at our Knowledge Rating Scale. Let's focus on the ones that seem familiar, and have accents. In your groups, generate the infinitive of these verbs. We will catagorize them on the board according to their endings.

5. Next, we will list the unfamiliar verbs. What meaning of these words did you gather from the TPRS? Let's now see if we can figure out the infinitive of these verbs.

6. Let's focus on the "irregular" preterit verbs and determine the "stem" of these verbs.

7. Brainstorm in your groups and try to conjugate one verb in the preterit. Will you use the sames endings as the regular verbs?

8. Once, we have confirmed the correct endings of these irregular verbs, let's practice the first person singular and the second person singular forms in mini-conversations. Ask and answer each other's simple questions.

9. Presentation task: Now, try to remember the article about Sofia. Can you write a mini interview using the first and second person singular forms of the verbs?

How many details can you include? This activity will strengthen your knowledge of the content in the article.