Skype Conversation. You will get connected to a young person about your age via nulengua: An on-line tutorial that allows you to speak and converse with a native spanish speaker.

When you are chatting with your new "skype-pal", find out all that you can about him or her. Remember that our overarching theme is culture. Talk about how your daily activities are similar or different from theirs. Ask about holidays, traditions and religious events: you will discover that an amazing sense of family, heritage, and identity exists within the Hispanic race. Describe your culture to your skype-pal. Do they seem surprised at some of our American ways? Do they like video games and going to the mall as much as you and your friends enjoy them? By the end of your conversation you should have a deeper understanding of what it is like to be a Hispanic teenager, and hopefully you've impressioned your skype-pal with some valuable information about your culture as well!

Here are some questions to guide your conversation:

? Como es tu dia escolar?

? Practicas deportes?

con quien vives?

Que haces los fines de semana?

Que tipo de fiestas hay en to pueblo/ciudad?

Tienes muchas quehaceres en la casa?

que piensas de ser como adulto?

Be sure to either log your conversation or record it through EVOCA or Audacity. and post it on the class wiki.

You will be expected to comment on at least one other conversation of one of your classmates.