Generated from the Jigsaw reading Activity in Interpretive communication Activity #3 "Soy Como Soy y Que" poem.

This activity will help you practice your Spanish while sharing information about the interview with the Bracero worker, Jose Gonzalez. focus on the key phrases that you found in the story. Ask questions about the other sections of the interview.

Step 1. Break into groups of about 4 to 7 people.

Step 2. Quietly read the section of the given to your group.

Step 3. Underline any unknown words that are thwarting your comprehension of the text.

Step 4. Write down some notes that you will use when discuss this interview with your classmates.

Step 5. Discuss the text with your group. Go through the with your group.

Step 6. When the time comes, you will separate from your original groups and create new groups. In your new groups, there will be one person from each original group who is "master" of the information on the section of the text he received.

Step 7. In your new groups ask and answer the survey questions in Spanish. Remember to use gambits such as the following: Every time you use a gambit, check it off your Ladder list.

pienso que. ../ Creo que. . .
De esto se deduce . . .
No sé
me parece que
¿Qué significa eso?
¿Qué quiere decir?
Yo encontré
¿De veras?
Estoy de acuerdo.
No, Pero. . .
Sí, y también. . .

Me pregunto .. .
¿Que piensas de. . .?
¿Has encontrado algo de. . .?
Y además

Quiero decir que . .


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