kids_talking.jpg Interpersonal Activity# 1 IGA Hablar de nombre, nacionalidad y lugar de residencia

Objective: Students will communicate with a partner to practice talking about where one is from, and how they arrived in the US. The activity focuses on the vocabulary that has been introduced throughout the unit.

Grammar focus: 1. Preterit, 1st and 3rd person singular 2. “Hace que” + time frame + present tense verb (to show duration of time for doing an action)

Step 1. Each student will be given an information sheet- either sheet A or sheet B. Bother sheets have pictures of the same people, but each sheet provides different information about each person. There is enough information between the two sheets- A & B – to allow the pair of students to fill in all of the gaps.

Step 2 . Students will ask and answer questions in Spanish about the people on their sheets.

Step 3. Together, students will choose one of the people on their sheets and prepare a story about that person that they will tell the class. The challenge will be to pretend to be that person, thus the story will be told in 1st person.

Step 4. While each pair of students is telling their immigration story, the rest of the class will listen and try to figure out whom they are pretending to be.

Questions to ask may include:
¿De dónde es ?
¿Cómo se llama la chica de (Name of country)?
¿Nació (Name of person) en los EEUU?
¿Cuántas fronteras cruzó él/ella?
¿Cuánto tiempo hace que () vive en los EEUU?


Sheet A:
Nombre: Juanito Mendez
Lugar de nacimiento: Juarez, Mexico
Detalles de llegar a EEUU:
Lugar de residencia: _
Hace 2 años que vive en EEUU

Sheet B:

Nombre _
lugar de nacimiento:
Detalles de llegar a EEUU: cruzó una frontera
con su papá, su mamá y su hermano mayor;
por el rio grande. Anduvo en camino
por el desierto a Texas.
Lugar de residencia: El Paso, Texas
Hace __que vive en EEUU