These are some of the ways you will demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

1. Interpersonal task: Identify your own personality, culture, and the groups to which you belong. Using questions composed in class in the target language, find two classmates who most resemble you.

Task: Conduct a Skype conversation with a another Spanish-speaking person from the target culture, explaining your likes, dislikes, personality, culture, and values. Ask your skype pal some questions about his or her culture. See Interpretive activity # 3 (Soy Como Soy y Que) in the Interpersonal Communication Activity 4 for further details.

2. Presentational task: Write your own autobiography, modeling it on the autobiography you have read using cognates and other Spanish words you have learned. Present it to the class on a class website or in another presentational format.

Task: You will choose one of the immigration programs mentioned in Activity 3 Post Reading Activities, and present your "story" as if you were an immigrant from one the programs. You can write a poem, sing a song, write a story, create a storybook or storyboard, or provide some other form of creative expression. The idea is to pretend that YOU have been uprooted from your Latin-American hometown to the United States. Express your feelings about being torn between your new home and your roots. Explain how you arrived here, and what your first experiences were. Use words and phrases from the Interview with the Bracero worker, the "Soy Como Soy" as well as from the "Tres Veces Mojado" song. Demonstrate your cultural understanding about the Latin American countries we've so far studied and talk about the culture from the country you are pretending to come from.

Publish your "autobiography" on the class wiki for others to view and comment on.

3. Interpretive Task: Interpretive and interpersonal task: Scan an article or view a video on how teenagers spend leisure time in Spain (could be any topic). With a partner, identify all of the words in the selection relating to leisure activities. Write a summary of your understanding of the article, using these words.

Task: Compare and Contrast. One of the most important times in a teenager's life is the passage from youth to adulthood. We see this passage take place in the quincienera as well as the in the Martha Washington ball in Laredo. What is different and similiar about these events in comparison to the Prom that most Americans partake in during either their Junior or Senior year in high school? Develop a solid compare and contrast between the Latin-American debutante event and the American Prom. Your final product will be a one-page essay in Spanish, that includes your own imporessions about the quincineara and the Martha Washington Festival. Which would you prefer? How do feel about the family being more involved in the Latin-American events in comparison to the American Prom? If you are Jewish - or know someone who is - and you have first-hand experience with a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, please include comments about this as well. To help you with your compare and contrast here are some video clips of traditional quincinearas: