Here is a list of Websites worth looking into.
inspiration for the teacher who really wants her students to learn a second language!

This website will create jigsaw from your image:

Colby College lessons that incoporate grammar along with culture. Barbara Kuczun Nelson is the creator of the site. there aproximately 10 complete lesson plans that premise around either a song or a poem that is indingeous of the Spanish language culture. While the student is learning and practicing a grammar concept he/she is also experiencing a culturally rich aspect of Latin American or Spanish life My favorite: La historia de Juan. A song that depicts the life of many unforntunate children in Columbia along with a simple grammar practice in the preterit.
Additionally there are plethura of interactive grammar activities that appeal to learners from beginner to adnvanced.
There are listening activities, cloze exercises, and a variety of other reading and writing challenges.

Website that builds bingo boards and flashcards from the vocabulary you put in:

Spark enthusiasm. Lots of inspriational videos and great ideas to use in the classroom

BBC languages is an excellent site to learn and practice spanish. "Mi Vida Loca" is a fun, interactive story. "Spanish Steps" are interactive vignettes that have many follow-up activities and quizzes

Free writing lesson in style of Cesar Chavez

Discovery Eduacation: URL to link students to the writing prompt assignment page on Discovery Education

El feo: A neat little tarditional love song

por mis hijos
Very powerful video about a Hispanic woman who is a strugglling immigrant in spain- working to make better life for her children back home.

video on common assessments
Maria; Llena de esperanza Maria; Full of hope a docutmentary on a teenage immigrant who organizes a local community action group that speaks out about the rights of all youth in education

Maria Full of Hope: An Equal Voice Story (Spanish) from Active Voice on Vimeo.

Listen to this NPR interview with Fulbright Scholar and ethnomusician Canyon Cody. He studied the hisotry of music in Southern Spain:

Granada Doaba - Canyon Cody

i love lucy!!

Emigrante Latino

Tres veces mojado, por Los Tigres del Norte

Great page with lots of links: Snra Jacobson's page (from Silver lake reg. High School): La Cultura