Homepage: Activity 1 Children's Storybook: Mi Diario de Aquí Hasta Allá


This story is an authentic children's storybook: It is a story based on the true experiences of the author: Amanda Perez. We will learn about how frightening it can be for a young girl to leave the comforts of her home and move to new place. What makes the journey even more emotional is that this girl will move to a new country, where they speak a different language; and the culture is very different from what this girl is used to. The rich vocabulary from the story that identifies with the human side of immigration. Once we understand the vocabulary we will journey with Amanda from Mexico to Los Angeles. Can we identify with Amanda's fears? Can we take the words from this text and create own authentic text? Vamos a ver!

Activity 1 pre-reading

Activity 1 Reading

Activity 1 Post-reading